Girls & Boys

Girls & Boys at the Table

Etiquette training for students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

This program is designed to be staged in the familiar surroundings of the classroom, library, clubhouse or cafeteria.

With this unique approach our goal is to help students build self esteem and confidence in knowing how to conduct themselves at the table.  Class activities help students learn important skills that prepare them for formal dining situations.

Funny Faces Finger Foods

Funny Faces Finger Foods


Girls and Boys at the Table includes the following: 

  • Lesson One: Place Settings (students set the table)
  • Lesson Two: Before the Meal (being seated)
  • Lesson Three: Dining Tips (how to eat different foods)
  • Lesson Four: Invitations, Introductions & Thank You Notes

Graduates can receive an Etiquette Certificate.

“The children were always interested and it was an excellent learning experience.  I heard from several parents that they noticed a significant difference in their child’s eating habits.”  Ms. L., Elementary School