About Us


The mission of Etiquette Lessons and Etiquette Lessons, Volume II, is to  provide authentic social skill learning experiences for K – 12 and college students in the classroom by creating a virtual dining room environment. Behave! Etiquette Lessons for Adults is a versatile, self-help program which may be taught in the classroom or shared with colleagues.

Students learn that diverse family ethnic traditions are celebrated all  over America within the same basic rules of etiquette; even Heads of State meet and discuss foreign affairs with these rules of etiquette and protocol.  Each Etiquette Lessons Book contains a Certificate of Achievement for the graduate and skills to last a lifetime.

Etiquette Lessons began as a small business in 2003 and has grown into a vast network of dedicated etiquette instructors who are also entrepreneurs. Etiquette Lessons programs are designed to accommodate school calendars with etiquette courses that provide age appropriate training in table manners, social skills and dining vocabulary with graded exams and awards at graduation. The Etiquette Lessons product line continues to grow, addressing needs of families, higher education and the business community.

Etiquette Lessons is a curriculum that started with “Girls and Boys at the Table” and “Teens atthe Table” instructional training systems consisting of 45 minute lessons in table manners andsocial protocol. It started small in 2003 in pilot classroom lessons with local community organizations including: YMCA, Girl Scouts and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Royal Academy of Dance, Martial Arts …Clubs, parish halls and Friends of the Libraries.

By 2007, Etiquette Lessons grew to include beginning ballroom dance lessons and cotillion graduation ceremonies in many after-school programs in public, private and home schools and colleges and summer camps in country clubs. Nationwide demand for K – 12 classes in table manners and social skills soon necessitated online training for instructor certification.  With the new release of Behave! Etiquette Lessons for Adults, instructors can expand their client base to include classes for parents and business executives to better serve communities.

A  complete package of training manuals and study aids written in the teacher’s “voice” for the classroom, for parents at home, business executives in training or others who seek to review and update personal social skills is available.  Visit our Product Page for more information.