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Bring Life Skills to School with authentic social learning experiences.

The book "Etiquette Lessons", is a definitive collection of social skills organized into eight essential lessons. Written in the teacher's "voice" for the classroom, for parents at home, business executives in training or others who seek to review and update personal social skills.

This system of social behavior training has helped thousands of students gain confidence and skill together.  Table Manners, Good Social Behavior, Formal Dining and Beginning Ballroom Dance lessons are presented with appropriate healthy snacks, and the History of Culture in America Time-Line.

Students learn that diverse family ethnic traditions are celebrated all over America within the same basic rules of etiquette; even Heads of State meet and discuss foreign affairs with these rules of etiquette and protocol. Each Etiquette Lessons Book contains a Certificate of Achievement for the graduate and skills to last a lifetime.

Instructors can order additional Certificates, student etiquette booklets  and Test Booklets to help insure program effectiveness and provide graded curriculum.  This program is recommended for After-school, Home School, Private and Public Schools in "Life Management and Social Studies Curriculums".

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Etiquette Achievement

"Girls and Boys at the Table" & "Teens at the Table"
are easy to use instructional programs containing a series of  45 minute classes in table manners and dining etiquette.  These two courses are designed for groups of children and young people ages five through twelve and thirteen through nineteen.  Each program includes detailed lesson plans to help educators guide students through lessons such as how to use napkins and eating utensils to how to dress for dinner.  Each lesson is presented with a light snack and beverage. 

In addition to basic table manners, teens learn tips on grooming, how to eat different foods, make introductions, write social correspondence,  the art of conversation and dance floor etiquette.  

Lessons contain an overview of America's Cultural History. Lesson texts discuss the introduction of different Foods, Fashions, Music, Art, Literature, Dining and Ballroom Dances in America. Students learn how their own ethnic heritage is part of the dynamic and diverse American Culture. We see how the American Culture accommodates change and continues to flourish within familiar restraints of basic etiquette and good manners established hundreds of years ago and still practiced today. Graduates receive a certificate of achievement, historical insight and the skills and good manners parents want their children to know. 

"Our experience with Mrs. Reilly's
Etiquette Course was magnificent." 
Ms. L., Mrs. N., Mrs. K., a Montessori School

"Wait until you see this program, this is brilliant!" 
Mrs. S.D., Publisher


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Etiquette Lessons Book
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Etiquette Lessons Volume Two
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BEHAVE! Etiquette Lessons for Adults

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"Ours is the practical and natural approach to etiquette training. Young people study these lessons gaining confidence and skill together. They soon begin to conform to the roles of ladies and gentlemen at the table. We strive to prepare our students to dine capably and independently. We review and reinforce good manners taught at home adding nuances of fine dining etiquette. This system of dining and social behavior creates opportunities for each graduate's best traits to shine through."

Teresa Kathryn Grisinger Reilly
Bachelor of Science, Graphic Design


"Etiquette Lessons" 2004-2013 *Certified Instructors
*Certified Instructor Associates

Paulynne Kabuga, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
       "The Image & Etiquette Consultants"
*Stella Adenike Williams, Lagos, Nigeria, Africa
      "Art of Finesse"

*Alice E. Owens, Birmingham, AL
     "I Teach Etiquette"
*Julie Woods, Leeds, AL
*Shirley Johnson, Pike Road, AL
*William Lee Angle, Montgomery, AL
      "Boys & Girls Clubs"
*Laura A. Kaminicki, Monticello, AR
    "Etiquette for Everyone"

*Cecilia Pearson, Mesa, AZ
    "Cecilia's School of Etiquette"
*Sherise Dawkins, Nassau, Bahamas
    "Bahamas National School of Etiquette
           and Protocol"
*Thea Moss, Exuma, Bahamas
    "The Etiquette Centre"
*Joyce Allen, Riverside, CA
    "Ponies and Pigtails"
*Dr. Cynthia Clayborn, Hollywood, CA
*Francesa DeGuzman, Redondo Beach, CA
      "Etiquette Instructor"
*Cathy Windom Dyer, Hemet, CA
    "Stepping Stones for Life"
*Earlene Freeman, Phelan, CA
     "Etiquette Essentials"
*Misty Harris, Travis Air Force Base, CA
     "Noble Graces"
Glenna Hobbs, Long Beach, CA
     "Orchids Academy"
*Kelly Anne Thomson, Lake Forest, CA
*Maria Villarreal, Hollywood, CA
*Mieki Kido Ychida, Rialto, CA
Reola Daniels, Gardena, CA
      "Workers Gifts & Party Solutions"
*Joycelyn Jaggers, Denver, CO
     "Jaggers School of Etiquette"
Edward Poska, Norwalk, CT
      "Ed's Music and Dance"

*Allison Mercado, Panama City, FL
       "Class Act"
*Angelica Rose Stickle and Carol Wright,
    Delray Beach , FL
         "Awesome Manners"
*Clarazina Graham, Port Orange, FL
     Silver Sands Middle School
*Dannie G. Fowler, Orlando, FL
    "Etiquette School of Florida"
*Glenda Byrd, West Palm Beach, FL
*Jacqui Bruschweiller, NPR, FL
*Lenbert G. Bailey, Miramar, FL
        "Royal Court Etiquette"
*Lisa Marie Heim-Youngblood, St. Pete, FL
        "Good Manners, LLC"
*Lynda Taylor, Lakeland, FL
        "Touch of Class Etiquette"
*Linda Taylor, Lauderdale by the Sea, FL
      "A Touch of Class - Etiquette Lessons"
*Mayra D. Andujar-Soto, Kissimmee, FL
      "MAS Design"
*Nicole P. Lanano, M.S., Port St. Lucie, FL
     "Lanano Etiquette School"
*Patricia Howard, Tallahassee, FL
         Community Christian School
*Priscilla M. Murtha, M.S., St. Petersburg, FL
        "Good Manners"
*Sharnell Jackson, Coral Springs, FL
       "Far Above Rubies Etiquette"
Tarpon Springs Library, Tarpon Springs, FL
*Cathy Shirra, La Grange, GA
*Deidre Thomas, Locust Grove, GA
        "Eminenece School of Etiquette"
*Dina D. Destefano, Covington, GA
     "Ladies & Gents School of Etiquette"
*Edna Ajoke Openiyi, Alpharetta, GA
     "Art of Finesse"
*Elaine Bryant, Lithia Springs, GA
    "Caring & Sharing, Inc."
*Glory Dixon, Atlanta GA
      "Etiquette and Career Development"
*Jarine A. Berrios, Le Grange, GA
       "the Blue Door of Etiquette"
*Lekisha Joseph, Warner Robbins, GA
*Mandy Furney, Cleveland, GA
       "Calliope's Etiquette Lessons"
*Pamela J. Perry, Hephzibah, GA
      "Precious Jewels & Gents, Cotillion/Beautillion Program"
Pamela Williams-Phelps, Atlanta, GA
       "Poised and Polished"
*Shirley Jones-Reid, Atlanta, GA
      "Mytrice Enterprises"
*Teresa Lynn Gregory, Jonesboro, GA
       "T.L.C. Etiquette"
*Terrice Blackwell, Atlanta, GA
        "The Etiquette Advantage"
*Turrender M. Bates, Hephzibah, GA
        "Etiquette of Excellence"
*Verna L. Burney, Jonesboro, GA
         "D'Clara Elite Etiquette Principles"
*Willie B. Williams, Valdosta, GA
          "Miss Willie's Etiquette Lessons"

*Brenda Washington, Rockford, IL
          "Manners Do Matter"
*Teresa Ethel Ablordeppey, Park Forest, IL
          "Fine Spoon Etiquette Lessons"
*Lucretia A. Pitts, Calumet City, IN
           "Charmed Elegance"
*Erica Thomas, Shreveport, LA
       "Modern Day Manners"
*Patricia Timmons, Shreveport, LA
           "PST Protocol"
*Shelly A. Marie, Shreveport, LA
          "Shelly Marie Speaking Services"
Walnut Hill Schools, Shreveport, LA

*Carolyn Simms, Glenn Dale, MD
*Evonne M. Womble-Harris, Baltimore, MD
        "Evonne Maria Events, LLC"
*Kimberly Mccoy, windsor Hill, MD
            "The Joy of Living"
*Kintira Barbour, Accokeek, MD
           "Flaunt Etiquette and Image Consulting"
*Tamika Johnson-Hall, Ridgely, MD
"Hallywood School of the Arts"
* Cynthia J. Mulcahy, Springfield, MA
             "Classic Events"
*Veatrice Taylor, Auburn Hills, MI
          "Simply Etiquette and Modeling"
*A. Michelle Ellerby, Moss Point, MS
          "Southern Charm Etiquette"

*Patricia Oney, Columbia, MO

*Courtney Shane Weathers, Omaha, NE
          "Omaha Etiquette Academy"
*Mary Beth Budz, Bennington, NE
         "Courteous Kids"
New Hampshire
New Jersey

*DeLane Ariza, Edison, NJ
New Mexico
New York

*Michelle Mekos, Ithaca, NY
Valley Ridge CIT, Norwich, NY
North Carolina

*Batonya R. McCullough, Charlotte, NC
    "Envision It, Coaching and Consulting"
*Doris Patterson, Fayetteville, NC
*D. Michele Adams, Highpoint, NC
     "Elegant Etiquette by Michele"
*Melendy Moore, Charlotte, NC
          "Talk the Talk, LLC"
Patricia Heath, Windsor, NC
       "Ms. Patti's School of Etiquette"
North Dakota
*Robin L. Davis, Garfield Heights, OH
     "Kingdom Protocol"
*Yolanda A. Lane, Cincinnati, OH
      "Polished to Perfection"

*Ara Mullin, Thorndale, PA
      "Angels of My Heart, Tea Party"
*Denise R.A. Joh, Ardmore, PA
       "Academy of Social Graces"
*Norma Kenley-Barber, Harrisburg, PA
Rhode Island
*Lisa M. Valentine, Newport, RI
      "Newport School of Etiquette"
South Carolina
*Catherine Barnett, Greer, SC
   "Catherine Barnett's Etiquette and Tea
*Deborah Heath, Columbia, SC
   "Boys and Girls at the King's Table"
*Lisa LeMaster, Inman, SC
   "Social Graces Etiquette Lessons"
*Cheryl Slawson, Summerville, SC
    "Social Graces"
South Dakota
*Linda L. Kuipers, Arlington, SD
      "Certified Etiquette Consultant and

Carla W. Duffy, Goodlettsville, TN
        "Miss Carla's Charm School for Young Ladies"
*Dovie McKnight, Memphis, TN
     "D&E Consulting"
*Jacqueline Smith-Haines, Memphis, TN
      "Smith Haines School of Social Elegance"
*Tangela Ray, Memphis, TN
Victoria's Traveling Tea Party, Bartlett, TN
*Adenike Olateru Olagbegi, Frisco, TX
     "Art of Finesse"
*Annette Nunnally, Killeen, TX
*Claudia Navarro, Katy, TX
        "Cool Kids Learning Center"
*Elia Mezzomo, McAllen, TX
*Gloria H. McGill, Missouri City, TX
    "Royal Prince and Princess Etiquette Lessons"
*Jacqueline Elliot, Cedar Hill, TX
          "Charm-a-Quette Sudios"
*Janice Jorgensen, Plano TX
        "Etiquette & SociaL Skills Lessons"
Johnnie M. Ricard, Houston TX
         "MiMi's School of Etiquette"
*Keisha Howard, Dallas, TX
          "Pearl Girls"
*Mara Velany, Austin, TX
           "The Magical Manners Club"
*Michelle A. Jackson, Houston, TX
          "Dig Deep Products and Services"
*Nelda Gomez, McAllen, TX
*Rona Everett, Missouri City, TX
*Sandra Ayana Parks, Plano, TX
      *"The Sandra Parks School of Etiquette"
*Verna Caddie, Houston, TX
     "Casting Your Cares, Inc."
*VJ'ah T. Johnson, Houston, TX
    "Platinum Images Consulting, Inc."
*Eliani Bonati, Orem, UT
      "Etiquette School of Utah"
West Virginia

*Gwen Saniford, Milwaukee, WI
        "Face 2 Face Etiquette"
*Laura Wyse, Milwaukee, WI
        "Zillah One Etiquette Lessons"


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